Stellenbosch Yard/Parking layout 

Click and drag any part of the picture to get a 360 degree view of the yard test in Stellenbosch.
Ignore the yellow lines as its being used for motor cycle testing only pay attention to the red lines and white lines (in 3 point turn and incline)

3 Point Turn / Turn in the road

3 Point Turn_Turn in the Road.jpg

Test Day!

(What is described below is applicable only for bookings with the Driving school car.

If your test is with own car, book a lesson to start before your test and arrange for somebody with a license to bring you to the Traffic Dept so we can meet there. Chat to me if you need clarity on this) 

  • You will be picked up at the time scheduled on your booking with Drivingmadeeasy to first start with an hour  warmup/review lesson 

  • Remember your ID, Learners License & mask.  Bring R200 with for your temporary license.

  • Once done with the warmup/review lesson the car will be parked at the starting point of the yard.  (15minutes before your test)

  • You will now take your documents (above) and go to the 'Drivers license' section.  Skip the queue, sign in, enter and wait in the 'lounge' area on the left and wait until you are called.

The Yard Test

  • The Test Official will register you and the vehicle, after which you will be asked to start with:

  • the Pretrip Inspection,

  • after that you will be asked to switch on the following vehicle controls:

  • Headlights, Indicators, wipers, and then for the rear of the car -  lights, indicators, rear wiper, step on the brake, horn.


If you go with your own car make sure all the above are in a working condition, license disk is also valid and your tyres have more than 1mm tread

You will now be asked to drive the car to the red block indicated by the Test Official.

It will most likely be the right Alley docking, if not then the parallel parking from the left. (see the yard layout)

Listen carefully and obey all the instructions given, if unclear make sure you understand & ask if you don't.


You do not need to wear your seatbelt during the yard test, and you may also cross your hands when steering.

You will be required to do 4 maneuvers in the yard:​

  • Alley docking from the left and right

  • Parallel parking from the left and right

  • 3 point/ Turn in the road

  • Incline/Hill start


You have 2 attempts on each parking except the 3 point turn, one attempt also for incline, if you stall just don't roll, provided you have not rolled you may continue. 

You have 20 minutes to complete the Yard test.

You may not lose more than 50 points in the Yard test

An immediate fail would be:

  • rolling, touching/bumping into any pole,

  • crossing a line in between any of the poles,

  • mounting the curb,

  • exceeding the maximum amount of points (as mentioned above) allowed for parking (50 points)  i.e. not doing your observations, doing it unclearly, or doing it in the wrong order, not doing your pretrip or prestart properly.

  • exceeding the allowed amount of tries to park (2 attempts) only one attempt for 3 point turn is allowed

  • Immediate fail for the incline is a roll,  if you stall on the incline you are allowed to continue just don't roll.

  • or lastly exceeding the max amount of time allowed - 20 minutes even if by a few seconds...

If you make a mistake in the parking, ie you see you are going to bump a poll etc.  Stop immediately before it happens, and ask to take your 2nd chance, DO NOT just immediately go out again in the opposite direction.  Communicate with the Test Official that you want to use your 2nd chance.

As per the sequence in the yard the incline/hill start will be the last in the yard and after completing it the Test Official will ask you to do the prestart inspection after which you will start with the route.

The Road Test

  • You have between 20 -45 minutes to complete the route.

  • You only have this time to impress the Test Official with how safe you are on the road.  Remember they don't know you.  Prove to them you are worthy of your license by being safe ie doing your observations properly in the correct order.  Go slow where you can i.e. be safe and faster where circumstances allow for it (i.e. change gears) to show them you can drive whilst still adhering to the rules of the road.


Immediate fails for the road test would be:

  • accidents that you was your fault or that you could have prevented

  • dangerous actions on the road, i.e. not yielding where needed to for vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

  • Breaking any rule of the road i.e. not stopping at a stop sign, crossing solid lines without permission, being an obstacle to other traffic

  • Disobeying an order given by the Test official or Traffic officer during the test

  • Other fails might include a technical fail based on points, losing more points than what you not doing observations, not clearly, not in correct order.


After completing the route you will park where instructed to do so and spend another +/-  30 minutes doing admin to get your temporary license.

The whole procedure from starting your test to finish take about and hour to 90 minutes.