What distinguish those that pass (first time) or within a reasonable amount of tries oppose to those that don't?......

We all have different personalities, different ways of learning and different ways that we tackle issues or overcome challenges in life. 

Many people see driving as a challenge or obstacle, some have a fear of driving, others cannot wait to be on the road...as one learner said to me 'I feel alive when driving'. 

Here is the key.  Learner drivers that passed with Drivingmadeeasy all have one thing in common: 


1.  Planning.

Some learners have test dates already some don't when they start their lessons either way it doesn't matter, what does matter is that you plan and pace yourself with your lessons. 

If you take a lesson then practise privately and come back within a week for another lesson then practise some more on your own that is perfect.  If you do not have access to a car here in Stellenbosch you will have to pace yourself with your lessons, to stay in practise.   

Do not expect to learn everything regarding the K53 in 5 lessons if you don't know the brake from the clutch....I don't mean this harshly but that is the reality.  Some learners think they can 'wing' their test.  Bad idea.  Really bad....Take the Driver's test seriously, it is very technical, do it right the first time.

 I am going to say it again - keep in practise once you start with your lessons. If you are a very nervous driver, your journey might be slightly longer than others.  That is ok but keep in practise before you go book your test. 

(I will guide you wrt approximate amount of lessons needed, and the online booking system is there for your convenience.  My focus during the day is mostly in the lessons, giving you what you pay for.  Under special circumstances can I help with bookings but most students just book their own lessons)

2.  Pace yourself.  

Yes I had learners that have procrastinated,  left all and any driving until just before the learners expire, then tell the whole world and its auntie they are having their drivers test in exactly 2 weeks. LOL    

With loads of determination and discipline it can be done.  However unless you are a severe adrenaline junkie, this planning is the worst possible idea as it may only work for a few.  It is unnecessary stress. (on me and you) 

So the above has really happened, and the person did pass on his first attempt.  We literally had lessons almost every day, his mindset was right and he was very determined. 

However this is not within everyone's ability as we all learn at different rates and that is ok.  Give yourself time to get used to what is being taught in the lessons and we can plan the test accordingly or vice versa with the pacing of the lessons if you already have a test.

Driving is a practical skill (ie muscle memory) and take time getting used to.

3.  Listen up & make progress    

Learners who pass make mistakes like everyone else but what seperates them from the rest?

They pay attention because they want their licenses. They are goal driven and want their license badly.  They do not give up. 

I dont scream and shout or swear in the lessons as it is not in my nature, I will guide you along the journey, & encourage you.  The mindset of a winner is yours to have.  The 'can do' attitude.   How badly do you want your license?

One learner that were used to driving an automatic car mistook the brake for the clutch when stopping.  He hasn't done this before and it was something that happened out of the blue.  (muscle memory not formed yet)

His immediate reaction was 'what did I do wrong and how can I correct it'.  That right there is a winners attitude.  Learning from a mistake, improving on it and moving on.  He did not let it affect him mentally, he moved on. 

Learn from the mistake, improve and move on.

Some learners visualise what they have learned.  It helps forming neuro pathways.  In short it helps you to remember what to do when driving/parking ie muscle memory. Do whatever is necessary to retain what is taught in the lessons,  if you are a visual learner write it down, if you need to hear it soundboard it to somebody, etc. If you need to confirm what we practised ask me.

The learners who has the most success are not the ones that practised to the point where they could just get it right, they practised until they could not get it wrong anymore.  This does not mean endless lessons,  it means admitting to yourself when you not ready and taking action to correct it.  eg.  If you cannot do parking without rolling in a lesson it will not change (under extra pressure) in a test

4. Positive Mindset

a Positive mindset is needed throughout your training ending with your test.

Take the positive from every lesson, even if the lessons was difficult, learn and move on,  focus on what went right.  Step  by step you move closer to your goal.

Do not compare yourself or your possible performance to your best friend with the strong personality and confidence who failed 5 times in Durban.  

You are your own person, focus on your own performance. 

My focus in what I do is to let you pass, first time.  

If you do what I teach you you will pass, provided you can do it right consistently.

The butterflies before the test is normal.  Like one of my learners has said - 'let them fly in one formation'  ie focus your thoughts.  Do what you have practised.

What if you do not pass your license test?

Pay attention to the feedback at the end of your test and where you lost points or the reason for you failing the test.  If you know your instructor did not teach you correctly find another one.  It could be that he/she did teach you but under the pressure you buckled. 

Be it as it may, Chin up & chest out, try again.