You have to be 18 years or older when applying for a light motor vehicle Driving License

 Drivingmadeeasy can help with license tests outside Stellenbosch but prefer to do tests in Stellenbosch where the learner will have practiced and know the environment.  The Yard (parking area where the test will be conducted) is open for inspection and the test officials are also fair.  This is not always the case in other areas.

If however you prefer to do your test outside Stellenbosch, rates will be charged at R300 per hour.  To check the waiting times for Traffic centres outside Stellenbosch click here

For driver's test in Stellenboch you will need to: 

Book an appointment online on the 'Stellenbosch Citizen app' to get an appointment for your eye test. 

Even if you have a private eye test certificate you will still need to book online. Remember this appointment is only for your eye test/admin and not the date for your test, once you are there will you only be able to make the appointment for your test. 


You can download the app here: 




once installed, click on 'traffic services' at the bottom, 

then on 'eye test', &  'proceed'

continue until you get to where you can pick from a selection of dates and times where you will be available, now pick an available time from their list that is still open and make the booking.

NB -Let me know when your eye appointment date is so I can give you the driving school car's available dates and times for tests, the night before you go - whatsapp - 0743222356 

You need these for your appointment:

  • ID, Learner's License (if you have lost your learners license click here)

  • 2 x ID Photo's

  • R135

  • Proof of address:  not older than 3 months.  You can use your own bank account statement (if the account is in your name). As long as your name is next to the address on the statement, the Traffic Department will accept it.  It does not matter if the address shown on the statement is not in Stellenbosch. 

You will also need to fill in this form which can be found here should you want to print it and fill in, in advance:- "Application for Drivers License"  (Green Form).

Complete A,B,D - with a black pen.


After the eye test go to the appointment counter for payment and to schedule your drivers license test date.

Stellenbosch Traffic Department opening times:  Mon-Thur 8:00-15:00,

No applications on Fridays

Tel: 021 808 8800     

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 Learners that has booked a test -